Lion King Litter

Queenie and Princess are mother and daughter mommies who came to us with nine puppies: Simba (boy), Mufasa (boy), Sarabi (girl), Sarafina (girl), Kiara (girl), Rafiki (boy), Tatiana (girl), Pumbaa (boy) and Nala (girl). UPDATE: Last Saturday all of the Lion King puppies found their permanent homes. 9 puppies and both moms. What an amazing…

Superheroes litter

Our superheroes -all boys- were rescued by Animal Control from the side of the highway.  They couldn’t be more lovable.  We have “Clarkie” Clark Kent (Superman), “Ollie” Oliver Queen (Arrow), “Wade” Wade Wilson (Deadpool) and “Pete” Peter Parker (Superman).

Pop Singers litter

Our Pop Singers were actually two litters.  Sia with her long hair is one of the mommies who came with these puppies and she was happy to feed all of them even though Bruno was her only son.  Puppies were “Bruno” Bruno Mars, “Jay” Jay-Z, “Selena” Selena Gomez, “Katy” katy Perry and “Tay Tay” Taylor…

Game of Thrones litter

Mommy “Danny” Daenerys Targaryen came to us with eight puppies.  We have “Arya” Arya Stark, “Jamie” Jamie Lanister-the Kingslayer, “Tyrion” Tyrion Lanister, “Sam” Samwell Tarly,  “Ghost” (one of six direwolf pups that are found by the children of House Stark), “Snow” Jon Snow, “Hodor” Hold-the-Door Hodor, and “Tommen” Tommen Lanister.

Mall litter

This is our mall litter.  Mommy “Penny”, a Papillon is named after JC Pennys and she came to us from Los Banos Animal Shelter with five beautiful puppies, all different colors – “Zumi” Zumiez (boy), “Levi” Levi Strauss (boy), “Lulu” Lululemon (girl), “Fitch” Abercrombie & Fitch (boy) and “Charlotte” Charlotte Russe (girl).  Their father is…

Star Wars litter

Mommy “Star” had seven puppies: Finn (boy), Ben (boy), Rey (girl), Luke (boy), Yoda (boy), Chewy (boy) and Leia (girl).

States Litter

Mommy “Cali”-California came to us pregnant and delivered seven beautiful puppies.  Unfortunately, Arizona (boy) died one day after birth but the other six puppies went on to find forever homes of their own: “Tony” – Montana (boy), “Missy” Mississippi (girl), “Tex” Texas (boy), “Georgia” Georgia (girl), “De-cotes” Dakota – North or South (boy) and “Carolina”…

Classic Disney litter

Our first litter to come to us named already.  They were half of the litter (there were three others) as we were still new to fostering.  “Figgy” Figero (boy) was the big brother who protected his three sisters fiercely – “Cleo” (girl), “Marie” (Girl) and “Dinah” (girl).

Kings Litter

These beautiful puppies came to us as newborns with their eyes closed.  They were one week old on January 6, three kings day so we named them after historic and fictional kings.  All five were boys: King Henry -“Big Hen”, King Roberto – “Berto”, King Arthur – “Arthur”, King Philip “Philruppie”and King James “James”.