Angel and puppies – March 2020

This is Angel and her puppies.  She is a puppy herself at less than one year old.  They told us she was 9 months old when we went to go rescue her with her one day old puppies.  She has five boys and one girl.  Angel was just 7 lbs when she was pregnant with all her puppies so she was severely malnourished and she was so frightened when we first brought her home.  In fact, she bit at us and was super protective but in time, with lots of hug, she learned to trust us and feel more comfortable.  She and the puppies are all thriving and doing great.

This was her freedom ride home On March 13, 2020.

She was really nervous and skeptical of any humans.  She had her puppies just the night before we picked her up.

Here is a pic of a one day old puppy.

She’s starting to gamin some weight.

Now, she’s much happier.

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